A beloved Baptist pastor once said, “I didn’t know when I started that I’d always be raising money.” Except for some who excel in fundraising, most churches need every financial advantage they can find. Here’s a big one from CGM partner, CCCU.

America’s largest biblical banking institution, Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU), is going above and beyond to appreciate pastors and their ministries by offering a 5.25% certificate of deposit (CD) for a limited time. The CD, which can be opened for your ministry, personally, or both, is one of the most competitive on the market today and enables you to invest with a financial institution that is unashamedly Christian and invests back into ministries and expanding the Kingdom of God. 

Click here to take advantage of this limited time offering. 

“For over 66 years we have proudly served pastors, ministries, Christian charities, and Christian individuals. The fact is, our pastors and ministries are facing tremendous challenges today, and we just want to say thank you, and that we are here to help,” states Aaron Caid, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at CCCU of CCCU. 

Below are some of the key highlights of this offer:

  • Open a CD for Your Ministry, Yourself, or Both
  • Invest up to $250,000
  • 10 month term
  • 5.25% APY
  • Limited time offering until November 30th, 2023

Serving ministries has been in the DNA of Christian Community Credit Union since it’s founding. They offer not only CD’s but also ministry checking, savings, church property mortgages, equipment loans, construction loans, church plant lending, and more. 

Caid says, “Pastors and ministries need to know that there’s a financial institution that not only understands and respects them, but actually invests back into them. With every dollar we are entrusted with, we use it as means to provide affordable lending for churches. We have many members who were with more traditional big banks and found it very refreshing and empowering to go with a biblical institution that understands that unique challenges of ministry.”

Beyond the lending is also the giving. CCCU also offers a credit card that not only enables 1.5% cash back with every purchase, but also gives to Christian charities with each purchase as well. They are also actively working on new innovations and models that will enable even greater investments back into local church partners. To date, CCCU has give over $900,000 to Christian charities. 

Missional alignment is certainly an increasing priority for ministry leaders and individual consumers alike as CCCU spearheaded a recent survey which found that over 30% of over 1,300 of professed Christians surveyed have considered switching banks in the past 12 months. Alignment with Christian values was in the top 3 reasons why. 

“This research confirms what we were hearing from our own members and ministry partners that there seems to be an ever-increasing tension with how big banks conduct themselves and what they stand for. We even have members who were rejected consideration of funding simply because they were a church,“ states Nick Lacy, AVP of Marketing who oversaw the research. 

“It doesn’t need to be this way,” Lacy adds. “We hope all ministry leaders will find CCCU to be a financial partner they can trust, because we actually support the advancement of the Gospel and don’t silence it.” 

Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU) is a faith-based, purpose-driven financial cooperative whose mission is to serve Christ’s followers to live and give more abundantly. For over 65 years, CCCU has provided individuals and ministries with the financial tools and knowledge they need to grow and thrive financially, so they can transform our world through their generosity.

Click here to claim your limited time CD offer of 5.25% for 10 months! 

For complete ministry solutions offered by Christian Community Credit Union visit https://www.mycccu.com/ministry.

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