Best practices for connecting with visitors, becoming known in the community and increasing your visibility.

Does Jesus Love People Who Support Abortion or Who Oppose Abortion?

Is There a Difference Between the Kinds of People Who Need Jesus?

by Dr. Alveda C. King

Community Connections on a Budget: 3 Steps

Growing a Church Requires Connecting with More People—Here’s How

by Don Corder

Grow Your Church Through the Evangelist’s Heart

Listen to Your Congregation Members and the People Around You to Find the Person with the Evangelist’s Heart

by Don Corder

Five Desires That Keep Your Church from Growing

Not Every Church is Bound to be a Megachurch and Yet Every Church Can Look Beyond Their Four Walls

by Mike Clarensau

The One Absolute Requirement for Connecting With the World Around You

How to Connect with the Community Around You in a Tangible Way to Create Authentic Relationships

by Doug Stringer

Engaging an Ever-Changing Culture with a Never-Changing Gospel

To Grow Churches, We Must Adapt Gospel Innovations in an Increasingly Resistant Culture

by Ed Stetzer

Rethinking What We Communicate to Guests

Can Your Guests Tell What You’re All About?

by Mike Clarensau
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