What are the processes, meeting formats, equipment and structures you need to effectively grow and reach more people.

5 Surprising Characteristics of Churches That Are Actually Reaching the Next Generation

How are the Fastest-growing Churches Handling Facilities and Finances to Attract Millennials? The answers Will Surprise You

by Carey Nieuwhof

10 Ways to Thank Givers and Encourage Future Giving

Helpful Tips and Practical Advice to Ensure You Maximize Giving—and Thanking—Opportunities

by Kristine Miller

One Simple Point for Preaching About Money

Crafting a Message that Moves the Hearts of Givers

by Don Corder

How to Use Auto-Deduction to Improve Your Church’s Giving

Just 20 Percent of People Giving Automatically Can Increase a Church’s Total Income by 25 Percent

by Don Corder

Ten Steps to a Better Offering

How to Elevate the Importance of Giving to Being Part of Worship

by Mark Brooks
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