Insights to help you lead your team, develop your team and stay personally charged.

Two Choices of the Leader You Can Be

Either the “Historic You” or the “Possible You” Will Lead Your Church

by Sam Chand

The 5 Characteristics of Responsible People that Great Volunteers Exhibit

To Train Volunteers Who Will Connect with Visitors and Help Grow the Church, Teach Them How to be Responsible

by Dale O’Shields

Twelve Truths of Life in the Ministry

The Most Important Element in Building and Sustaining Growth is Developing a Healthy Mind, Attitude, Heart and Spirit as a Leader

by Dale O’Shields

Innovation That Engages The Next Generation

Why Praying “God, Bring Young People Back to our Church” is Not Enough

by Lee Kricher

Cultivating Innovation on Your Team

Give Away Power to Engage New Growth Strategies

by Sam Chand

Train Volunteers to Connect with Visitors

Serving Others Starts with the “Law Of Depth”

by Dale O’Shields

My Journey Through

How to Protect Two of the Pastor’s Most Valuable Assets—Our Mental and Emotional Health

by Rob Carman

Change Is Possible

Grow Your Church by Growing Yourself

by Alton Garrison
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