“Free Kittens” are Never Free

Church growth occurs when pastors and other church leaders make a plan to engage people through Christian evangelism, effective community outreach, and discipleship ministry.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Church leaders can make a plan to promote trust, cooperation, and growth that bridges the gap between generations, especially within their church staff.

The Cost of Blind Loyalty

A healthy approach to job loyalty can help pastors navigate the difficulties of building and retaining a solid team to grow churches.

To Grow Churches, Assume that Visitors Have Desire

Out of all the church projects you can engage in, by all means make a plan to build church relevance by connecting with newcomers and finding a way to meet their needs so you can share Christ with them. This is the heart of pastoral care.

Pray For Your Men By Name

Christian leadership is a commitment to discipleship training. Pastors have the unique opportunity to invest in the men in their churches by learning to pray for each one by name.


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