How to Sabbath as a Pastor

Practicing Sabbath rest renews and refocuses pastors, especially those who are tired of life and ministry. By embracing biblical rhythms of work and rest, pastors can minister from a place of peace as they grow churches.

Prioritizing Relationships

Pastors and church leaders are incredibly busy, but by prioritizing relationships, they can lead their people in peace, health, and grace.

3 Ways Shepherds Can Persevere

Christian leadership is challenging, especially in a chaotic culture. Pastors can grow churches that thrive by remembering who they are — and who they aren’t. The key is faithfulness.

How to be Resilient

Growing a church is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating. By remembering who they are and their unique call, pastors can develop resilience while working in ministry.

What Makes a Church Toxic?

Going to church need not be a disheartening experience! By confronting fear, exclusivity, and rigidity, pastors can grow churches that honor God and bless others.

How Preaching Shapes the Church

The key to healthy church growth is consistent, Bible-based preaching. Charles Spurgeon knew that preaching was foundational to church relevance, shaping discipleship ministry and outreach to the community.

How to Thrive During a Pastoral Transition

A Seamless Pastoral Transition is the best way for a new pastor to learn how to become a pastor, and the best way for all church pastors and church leadership to make a plan for transition. By doing so, people unite behind the new leader, and congregations enter a new era with confidence.

The Steps to Assess Risk

Pastors can lead with confidence by asking four key questions, then taking the appropriate action steps. The result is sustained (and healthier) church growth.


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