The Number One Culprit Against Growth and Three Ways to Fight It

How to Reach Unchurched People Who Don’t Think They Need God

Rather than being met with a wall of hostility, Christians are mostly being met with a wall of indifference and perceived irrelevance.

by Carey Nieuwhof


Benevolence Programs that Work

How Churches Can Meet the Ever-Increasing Needs for Financial Assistance Effectively

by Elaine L. Sommerville, CPA

Ten Things We Must Do to Prepare for the Future of the Church

The Writing is on the Wall, We Can See What Lies Ahead

by Ed Stetzer

Three Levels of Church Television Production

Every Church Has Potential to Be a Lighthouse to the World

by Paul Crouch, Jr.

Seven Steps to Becoming More Articulate

Churches Are Increasingly Under Scrutiny—Here’s How to Avoid a Bad Interview That Could Kill Church Momentum

by Phil Cooke

How Do Pastors Respond to Bad Headlines?

We Are Responsible for Our Sheep, and Sometimes That Includes What Our Sheep Hear

by Paul  Louis Cole

The Latest

The One Brag That Is Always Appropriate

Perhaps It’s Time to Start Talking About What God is Doing for and Through Us

by Mike Rosas

8 Ideas for Sermons that Build the Church

Ensure Your Pulpit is the Propulsion of the Church

by Doug Murren

10 Things About Church Every Volunteer Should Know

Volunteers Have a Major Role in Church Growth

by Dale O’Shields

Can Your Church Grow During an Election Year?

How to Lead Your Church for Healing and Hope in a Nation Divided

by Doug Stringer

One Rule to Maintaining Your Social Media Edge

Keep an Eye on the Periphery

by Brian Boyd, Sr.

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Facilities & Finances

How to Improve Your Millennial Giving Right Now

The One Group You Can’t Figure Out Has Been Figured Out For You

by Kristine Miller

The Truth About Connecting with Newcomers

It’s Probably Not Happening the Way You Planned

by Don Corder

Connect: The Theology for Growth

If We Are Serious About the Great Commission, and We Should Be, We Have to Figure out How to do it in Our Present Era

by Don Corder

How Do Christian Women Respond to the #MeToo Movement?

Do We Love and Honor Women, and Seek Their Healing, as Jesus Did?

by Dr. Alveda C. King

4 Reasons I’m Changing My Mind About Technology

3 Things You Can Do About It

by Carey Nieuwhof

One Key That Will Increase a Pastor’s Effectiveness

Grow Your Church by Teaching Your Congregation the Scriptural Basis for Carrying the Load

by Alton Garrison


Connecting with the Audience as a New Communicator

How to Train Young Voices to Reach Young People

by Dillon Smith

10 Immutable Marks of a Great Men’s Leader

Personnel is Always the Issue, and Personnel is Always the Answer

by Paul Louis Cole

The Necessity of Disruption

Change is a Normal Condition of Life, Not an Abnormal Occurrence

by Sam Chand

5 Ways to Develop People of Influence

Dealing With Creatures of Emotion

by Rob Carman
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