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Strong Men Create and Sustain Strong Churches.

Where do you get those men? Here's the answer.

Christian Men's Network has developed a proven path to effective ministry to men, curated from 40-plus years of discipling men the world over. Designed to help leaders launch a men's movement in the local church.

With the Majoring in Men Momentum Guide Launch Kit, you can easily train your whole team together. Develop measurable, sustainable, reproducible ministry to men to recapture time, reach the community, and attract new families.

The Starter Kit includes 3 Maximized Manhood books with corresponding workbooks, plus the CMN Majoring in Men MoMENtum Guide, and new 7 Keys to Powerful Men's Ministry flash drive from Paul Louis Cole. For any questions call 817-437-4888 to get started! Recommended use with MAJORING IN MEN FOUNDATIONS course.

Christian Men's Network - Launch Kit Expanded View
Christian Men's Network - Majoring in Men Launch Kit