Don’t Just Flatten the Curve – Get Ahead of the Curve

No man rises to the occasion. Every man rises or falls to the level of his preparation. | by Paul Louis Cole

Don't just flatten the curve; let's push ahead of the curve.

Abuse and trauma centers in America are packed. Cities are asking churches to open rec centers and fellowship halls to house the overflow—why? Because domestic violence is epidemic during the isolation and social distancing crisis we’re living in today. That means, we’re in a virus crisis and a manhood crisis … but here’s help.

As a church planter and pastor, I know churches are digging in for the fight of our lives. It might be difficult to change old methodologies. But the reward, the payoff will be the salvation and discipleship of hundreds of people in your community. And when you reach a man, you also save hundreds of marriages and families and thousands of children who will have a dad who loves them.

Think of it. We know we’ll have a baby-boom in December, but will we have a divorce boom in July? We have to get ahead of this. And we do that by preparing to reach men and solving the manhood crisis in our own communities.

No man rises to the occasion. Every man rises or falls to the level of his preparation.

In just a few weeks, churches will again meet. We will see one of the largest seasons of harvest in our modern history when churches can open their doors again. A major pastor said on a recent call, “I believe the last five months of this year will be marked by history as one of the most significant gains for God’s kingdom.”

But, what do we do with the men? If we’re not ready, we miss the moment. Coach John Wooden said, “Failure to prepare is preparation for failure.”

So, let’s not just flatten the curve of the coronavirus—let’s push ahead of the curve and start now building stalwart men. Let’s prepare to disciple a harvest of men.

To build strong churches with dynamic men CMN has launched a series of FREE initiatives that will engage your men and inspire you as a leader:

1. CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN. A global online men’s intensive held on YouTube and Facebook. We are teaching the book, Strong Men in Tough Times in a 30-minute strong, dynamic manner from our studios.

Local churches, men’s groups, friends are doing online meetups after the teaching through Zoom or Skype or other online group sites—or even using phone conferencing. Meet with your men for another half hour. Do a recap and prayer. Build faithful men, we need them now more than ever.

This means a local pastor can crank up a powerful ministry to men but not have to do the legwork of study, management, delivery, or arranging face-to-face gatherings.

2. BRAVE MEN PODCAST. Hundreds of men are now accessing this tool around the world. We’re in Season Two with inspirational guests, profound teaching, tools that build wisdom and ministry to men. This podcast will build faith in the hearts of men.

3. CMN RADIO. CMN has an online radio station streaming ministry to men, packed with teachings and inspirational messages 24/7. The channel offers messages for men from leaders such as R.T. Kendall, Stephen Mansfield, Dale O'Shields, Robert Barriger, and others. Content includes Maximized Manhood radio teachings by Edwin Louis Cole, the founder of the Christian Men's Network; book excerpts from the most widely used men's discipleship resource in the world, Majoring In Men, as read by Paul Louis Cole; and episodes of the Brave Men podcast, featuring interviews and inspirational teaching. Just say “Alexa, open Christian Men’s Network” or “Hey Google, talk to Christian Men’s Network” or listen online at

To build your men’s group, take your leadership through the Majoring in Men Foundations Class. For just $8 per week for 12 weeks, you can train a group of men who will build and sustain a vital ministry to men. It’s all at

David was often attacked by accusation and crisis. He said this in Psalm 43:5, “Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again—

my Savior and my God!” Let’s put our hope in Him! Let’s do this together and change the future of our world.

Today's tough times require men to overcome negative thoughts and bring hope, dignity and order back to a world in desperate need – men who are willing to be heroes. Here is the one thing I can guarantee: hope is alive, hope has a name, and his name is Jesus.

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